Look at The Lips – They Say A Lot About You

Lipsology is an art and science that deals with lip analysis. Lip prints including shape, size, contour and fullness says a lot about you as per the Chinese skills. Lips are more noticeable compared to the other features, since how you use words and speak displays your self-esteem and confidence levels.

So, it’s important to keep lips smooth and healthy, but they often become worse due to colder and drier air.

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The following information on different types of lip prints will help you in understanding

Full lips – Many people believe that a woman who has full-looking lips is more confident and courageous. Also, they value social connections and friendship. They always keep other requirements first and care about others.

Wide lips – Talented and lively are the traits of women having wide lips. They will perform their own things, not following others.

Heart-shaped lips – They convey elegance and glamour. Heart-shaped lips women will voice their own opinion without fear and take charge during any kind of situation.

Center plump lips – Fullness at the center indicates natural performance. A woman who has this lips shape loves fun and enjoys being centre of attraction.

Round lips – These lips are mischievous, charismatic and vivacious. The traits of women having these lips shape are adventurous, unafraid and self-assurance.

Upper lip is smaller than lower lip – Women having this type of lips shape are aware of how to enjoy life. They live energetic lifestyle, love to visit places and find new acquaintances and adventures.

Rounded philtrum upper lip – Women with this lips shape are sensitive, kind and compassionate. They feel other problems and become upset for misfortune. They like to take care of others.

Goldilocks lips – These lips are not thin nor full, but medium in size. Goldilocks lips women will have good sense and balances any issues. They will have even temperament and enjoys connecting with new friends.

Thin lips – A woman who has thin lips are more cautious, reserved and independent. They are loners, but still finds place in groups. They are persistent and determined, so they are considered as high achievers.

Tips to avoid dry, chapped lips

Choose smart lip balms – Few lip balms makes your turn drier overtime and sucks moisture out from the lips. With this, color will settle down into groove of lips. So, try lip balm made with natural ingredients to lock moisture within the lips.

Try lip mask – To soothe your lips mix 2 tablespoons of milk and 1 drop of rose oil. Apply over lips and let it for at least 5 minutes.

Additionally, you can also try tasty and simple lips exfoliation like honey sugar scrub, drink plenty of water, soothe cracks by using vitamin E and others.

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