How to Find the Right Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

Are you looking for the right Harley-Davidson for you? If you look at the world of Harley-Davidson then there are four distinct families as it can be classified into – Cadillacs, Corvettes, Miatas or SUVs. If you are new then you will easily get intimidated when you visit a dealer. How will you decide which Harley-Davidson is really the right one for you? Read further so that it might help you.

A sales manager from Phoenix Harley dealer made the comparison about Harley-Davidson family during last summer while doing their sales campaign. Here he has described about choosing the right vehicle based on your own personality. If you read the general description about Harley-Davidson then it will mention how the vehicle will perform and how different riders will get different experience. How many customers prefer to buy a Sportster? Only few will buy that as everyone may not like to drive such vehicle.

  • Cadillac – Softail family

In this family you can include Breakout, Deluxe, Fat Boys and Heritage. All these Harley-Davidson vehicles offer very comfortable and plush ride. In looks they are quite attractive and there are plenty of decorative additions made.

Softails are having internal suspension with a very long travel. Therefore, the vehicle becomes bouncy and soft. In Harley-Davidson line it is most difficult to handle. You will need plenty of efforts to handle them.

This motorcycle is like a relaxing cruise and if you drive it on highways or around the back roads then your ride will be very smooth.   You can also take any passenger behind you and if you like luxury drive then this motorbike is for you.

  • Corvette – Dyna Family

Among the best performing vehicle in Harley-Davidson line this can be considered. This can be easily handled too. This one of the versatile vehicle and can be used for hard run if you want to drive near coast side or you want to explore new place and drive throughout the day.

You can easily customize the vehicle as per your need and it is best for driving with girl-friends. You can take the vehicle almost anywhere you like.

  • Miata – Sportster Family

If you want to have fun with your friends for couple of hours then Sportster is the right vehicle for you. If you just need a vehicle to pick up any important thing from the nearby store then you need such motorbike. You can keep this vehicle as a spare vehicle in your garage that you can use during any emergency.

Even women can drive it for fun and its sitting position is very stylish and has big fat tires almost like old day’s vehicle. If you are a casual driver and do not want to carry any passenger and like to make short drive then this is the motorbike for you.

  • SUV – Touring Family

If you are the one who want to carry all your luggage, tent, camera with stand, cruise control with GPS etc. then this is motorbike for you. You can tour whole of the country with such vehicle. Not only you can carry a passenger but accompany your family in this vehicle.