Stress Free Travel Tips For First Timers Visiting Paris

Paris is a magical destination but can offer challenges to many travellers. First time visitors have to handle language barrier and different culture to getting familiar with public transport system and new currency. Many save their whole life savings to visit this dream city Paris and you may also be one of them. So, you don’t wish to hold some pricey mistakes as souvenirs.

Stress free travel tips for first time travellers to Paris

Plan ahead

Planning is essential to avoid disappointment and frustration. Research and read on blogs and websites like TripIndicator to get an idea on ways to move around city and schedule your date to visit. Keep useful information handy, so you can refer them on the go.

Even look for interactive Paris attractions map designed for tourists to plan their itinerary. You can look for squares, streets, and attractions by just typing them in the search box.

Consider your arrival

When you arrive in Paris, skip metro and opt for a shuttle to drive in the city. Metro can be confusing, as it is your first day here and navigating with luggage can be frustrating. There is nothing worse than arriving jet lagged and starting a frustrating trip. Save money using public transportation, when you return back to airport for flying home.

Not staying central

Cheap hotels outside the city are great but commute in Paris can turn out to be costly in terms of money and time. Remember you did not fly to Paris for spending hours on train, so choose an accommodation in the centre of city.

Opt to walk

Spending time underground in this city of light means missing the magic. Walk around in comfortable shoes, you never know whom you may run into in this city of fashion.

Use Uber

Sometimes walking may not be an option then use Uber, which is fast and cheap than taxis in Paris.

Restaurant reservations

With reservations at popular restaurants you eliminate the stress of searching some place to have dinner, after long day of sightseeing.

Trying hard to see and do everything

You planned a lot with an expectation to see and do everything. This is not possible because Paris has myriads of attractions and activities. It does not matter, if you were not able to see some of the major sites. There is always a tomorrow, why feel sad about some things you could not see instead of feeling happy with the memories of those destinations you already experienced. You can plan a second round to Paris in future.

Eiffel Tower reservations

Advance reservation to the Eiffel Tower will allow you avoid standing in lengthy queues. As soon as you schedule a date book tickets online. Periodically, tickets get released so you can try again for days leading in case slots get filled.

Never forget where you are staying

Take few hotel cards or note down the name, address, and contact number of your accommodation. There may be a couple of hotels with same name and things can get baffling with language barrier. Instead of struggling with pronunciation, just hand the cab driver your hotel card.

Carry copies of all your crucial documents. You can get details about them on TripIndicator website.