Tips to Visiting in Frankfurt First time – 2019

Many of you may be planning to spend your family vacation in Frankfurt. In this short write-up we are providing few travel tips that will be useful for you.

Germany, as such is always a place for tourist attraction. Frankfurt happens to be one of the largest cities of Germany. Frankfurt is officially called “Frankfurt am Main” as it is surrounded by river Main. It is fifth largest city of Germany and its importance in the whole of Europe is because of the biggest hub of all the businesses in Europe. The central bank of Europe is also located here. You can easily get around in Frankfurt even if you know little or no German language, as most people may understand English. Though they may not be able speak fluently in English.

In order to know about top 10 free attractions in Frankfurt, you may visit the website Following are few tips that can be useful for those who are planning to visit Frankfurt for the first time.

Check the events calendar

While planning to visit Frankfurt, you may check various events that are going on in the city so that you can also choose to visit as per your interest. Hotels can also remain booked during those days and prices can also be up.

Best time to visit

If you visit during better seasons then the hotel rates will be very high. During the month of March, humidity remains higher and the season gets colder. However, the prices during this time is pretty low due to slowdown of tourism.

No shopping on Sunday

Most shops in Frankfurt usually remain closed and hence if you are planning to shop for gifts or souvenir then don’t do it on Sunday.

No need to wait in the restaurant

In most of the restaurants, if you find vacant place then you can occupy the seat and no need to wait. However, in case you find a seat reserved then you can avoid sitting there.

Don’t leave your tip on table

Germans do pay tip but never leave change on the table. They just round up the bill and that may include the tips too. Usually, the waiter will expect anything between 5 to 10 percent of the bill amount as tip.

Prefer taxi during late night

Most of the public transports stop providing service during late hours therefore you need to hire taxi in case you are travelling during night. Therefore, you must download any taxi booking app or stand in the queue for taxi hire.

Grab a MuseumuferTicket

If you want to spend your time in visiting various museums of the city then try to buy MuseumuferTicket, as this ticket will give you entry to 34 museums and its validity remains for the next two days.

Frankfurt Card

With buying this card, you can get 50 per cent off in entry to any museum, any tourist attractions and also travelling to various public transports which may also be to and from the airport.