Top 8 Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland has the world’s best tourism attractions. Besides, some thousands of tourists visit this country from different parts of the world to enjoy its scenic beauty. You should definitely visit this country at least once in your lifetime. The beauty mountain scenery, tasty food and shopping, you’ve got many things to experience here. This country looks more beautiful in summer. In fact, summer is the perfect time to visit this country.

# Places to visit in Switzerland

The following is the list of popular tourist places in Switzerland. Do visit them with your friends or family members to have loads of fun.

  • Swiss National Park: This is a perfect place for the nature lovers. If you want to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, lush woodlands and snow encrusted glaciers then you must definitely visit this national park. This park is easily accessible from S-chaef and Zernez. More than 5000 species of wildlife like red deer, marmot and etc make their home here.
  • Rhine falls: This is the largest falls in Europe. The best to visit this fall is during June to July. This place looks very beautiful with melting snow during this period.
  • Moritz: The alpine forests, glaciers, mirror like lakes and jagged peaks makes St. Moritz one of the world’s best mountain destinations. Try skating, skiing and snowboarding here to make your trip more memorable.
  • Zurich: This is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. This city is also famous for shopping like jewelry, watches and etc.
  • Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva offers perfect activities for the visitors. Be it adventures or art Lake Geneva is a perfect place to visit. Rent a boat here to enjoy with your friends or family members more.
  • Mountain Pilatus: This is a perfect place to visit if you like hiking. Besides, this place is easily accessible by public transport as well. Do visit this adventure mountain to enjoy with your friends or family members.
  • Grindelwald: This ski resort town is very famous in Switzerland. Enjoy the spectacular hiking trails here with your family members or friends to make your trip memorable in your life. You can also enjoy skiing here during winter.
  • Chapel Bridge: This is one of the longest bridges in Switzerland. Besides, this bridge is 204 meter long. Go for a walk on this bridge along with your friends or family members to enjoy more.

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Enjoy your Switzerland trip now by saving your money!