Do’s and Don’ts of First Driving Lesson – Know Them before Attending

While learning driving lesson, you will be accompanied by your instructor. So, driving is less stressful as you are aware that your instructor will control the situation, if there is any emergency. After completing the course and receiving license, the story changes a lot. You will be alone, even experienced drivers make mistakes sometimes. 

So, don’t get confused, practice best driving behavior and prepare yourself from your first class to become more confident of safety rules and practices. 

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The following are few do’s and don’ts you have to follow while driving that help you increase your confidence as well as skills.


Get provisional license and display them – It is quite obvious, but few young drivers will rock up even without license. So, if not yet, get your provisional license as soon as possible before booking the first lesson. Display those red colored p-plates on back and front side of the car, whenever you are driving. This warns others to show care and patience. 

Wear seatbelt – You may have heard a lot about the advantages of wearing seatbelt from your family members, instructors, and on television. It is the primary safety precaution that you need to follow, so wear it without fail. They will protect you from unfortunate events like crash, accidents, and others. Also, it is a law.

Check car before driving – Check electrical parts and others like tire condition, water and oil level, and status of the wipes, lights, and others. With this, you will not only lower the chances of accident, but also will be able to get familiar about the car and its working condition.


Avoid stress – Driving is quite stressful, especially if you are a new learner. You may be worried of taking control a 2-ton box on wheels. Remember that your instructor will ensure the safety of you in all the situations by taking control of vehicle at the right time while learning. 

In case other driver cuts you, fails to allow you pass, or come too close, then don’t get upset or angry. It can affect your focus, avoid hazards and stay cool and safe while driving.

Don’t drive when you drunk – It is the most important precaution – for your and others safety. If you are planning a night out with your friends, plan driving lesson next day because you have to remain over limit for 24 hours after drinking alcohol. 

Avoid using phone – It is the biggest distraction that causes accidents. Avoid messaging or calling while driving to protect you from accident. 

If you follow all the guidelines of your instructor while learning a lesson or driving alone, driving is not overwhelming.  Gather information about the driving schools that offer experienced instructors, choose the best one, and enroll today to become a safe driver.