Some of The True Costs That You Might Be Incurring While Taking Cheap Driving Lessons

There are a lot of costs involved while taking a driving lesson. Sometimes, people just learn under the supervision of their friends or parents. It is important that you take driving lesson from a well-qualified driving instructor to avoid any mishappening in future. Most of us try to look for cheap driving lessons. While cheap driving lessons can save some money upfront, they can actually cost you a lot in future.

Determining the Average Price of a Driving Lesson

While prices can vary as per location, you should be able to find a good quality instructor between $60-$75 per hour. You might find someone charging $40 per hour that might make you question about the quality of driving lessons that you are receiving. There are various factors that determine the price of a driving lesson including driving instructor training, expertise, insurance, vehicle maintenance and general overhead cost. Here are some of the reasons why you might get incredibly cheap driving lessons –

  • Inexperienced Driving Instructors

Newly licensed driving instructors usually undercut market by charging less. They do not have any ‘word of mouth’ referrals. They try to win customers with their competent prices. However, you shouldn’t be taking lessons from someone who is just getting started in the field.  At Pass First Go, you can choose from a wide variety of trainers based on their traits, reviews and qualifications. To book driving lessons Canberra, check out their website to start your lessons anytime, anywhere.

  • Vehicle Type and Condition

Cheap driving lessons usually take place in older vehicles. Some of them do not even have dual controls. You might even be risking your life. If you make any serious mistake, the instructor will be only be able to give you verbal instructions and not take any necessary action.

  • No Driving Lessons Commitments

Cheap driving instructors need to be busy to make enough living. It will be hard to deliver quality lessons when you are jumping off from one lesson to another. They might be managing their calendar during your lessons including accepting calls from prospective customers. They might be regularly late and make last minute change in appointments. It means you won’t be able to focus in any of your lessons and might progress slowly than you could with a dedicated professional.

  • Unprofessional Gig Worker

In this gig economy, cheap driving instructors might be providing lessons part-time. For instance, they might be taking your lessons during the day and delivering pizza at night. In some cases, they only take lessons when they have a client meaning there can be a huge inactivity between taking on lessons. This gap can be difficult for them to keep with latest safety guidelines, legislations.

  • Hidden Costs

Many companies that offer cheap driving lessons spend a lot of money on advertisements. They usually provide significant discount on first lesson and recoup it on next sessions. They also do not provide any option to reschedule or refund any cancelled lesson.


A good driving instructor will always have many satisfied customers and will be able to back that with positive feedback.